So you’re an RHD student…

Your research degree, whether masters or a PhD, might be one of the most challenging things you do in your life. It can also be one of the most rewarding – I dream of the day when I can hold my printed, bound thesis, knowing that all my hard work and dedication has paid off. Then it turns into a nightmare about having it examined… but let’s not think about that.

This blog is the brainchild of one early-candidature PhD student in the University of Melbourne FVAS. The first months of the PhD were a very stressful time, trying to figure out what research is and how you’re supposed to go about it. The advice, “you should read as much as you can, and start writing now” only goes so far when you don’t even know what a research question is, let alone what yours might be!

This place is designed as a safe haven during your RHD experience. RHD and me is all about figuring out how to make the your degree work for you, and even having a life on the side. Content will include links to helpful blog posts, reviews of events that you might find helpful (like the University of Melbourne’s Upskills programs), and anything else we think of along the way. Contributions are welcome – just email with your ideas.

To start with, check out the Three Minute Thesis and consider coming along to the 3MT grand final on Thurs 25th September 2014. There’s always more lessons to learn about how to effectively communicate your research to the wider world – so it’s definitely a productive way to spend your time!!

In a little while, I’ll introduce you to our mascot, the Rather Helpful Dugong, or Rhodie for short. Rhodie hopes to become the symbol for light at the end of the tunnel and the camaraderie that exists between us all in the Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences faculty! In the meantime, just keep swimming.


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